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write again =)

mii write again
bcoz so sienz
holiiday damn sienz
nothing to do
mun mun no go to tuition in hoiiday
bcoz she wor-king
holiday no go where ply ==

yesterday mii so hapii
bcoz maii parent and maii cousin celebrated maii birthday =)
maii birthday at 15th june
but that on monday
monday has skull
the cake is fruit d
father baii d
thk ya =)
maii grandmother and maii aunt giv mii RM50++
lubb maii money XD

dunno monday maii babe will giv mii what present in skull leh? =)
hapii i.n.g
chian babe wanna b hapii =)

2 条评论:

  1. i come support!!
    happy b'day
    leng leng 4ever

  2. kakax
    thk bcoz eu cum to support mii =)
    muacks muacks

    by babe chian


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