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【maii nu blog 】

kakax ...
this is maii nu blog ...
thk cum to support mii =)

today maii dad sick
his head very pain
cun move aready
mum and sis go to hospital tawakal call the ambulans cum
manii neighbours cum to c
sis and mum go wif ambulans
and mii in house sendiri
all neighbours call mii take care
thk =)

night ```
at night my aunt and maii grandmother they cum to maii house
maii cousin also cum
yesterday they also has cum aready
mii maii sis and maii cousin eat the mini size d cheese spring and mini size d double draker
so kawaii =)
mii ply wif maii cousin
then maii grandmother and aunt go to hospital c maii father wif maii mum
mii and sis and cousin and another aunt and aunt 's husbund stay in house lu
mii ply wif cousin
ply dao sot ...
10:30 they go back house ~



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