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Birthday Party .

I open a Birthday Party last Saturday ;D

keeps play water x)
but two tong giv frenz spoil adyy =X
kesiannya that tong .

photo tmorrow upload ..
staytuned XD


默哀 )':

Finally that bird die )'=
and I cry ...
damn pity T^T


Perak , Kampar trip :)

哇佬 , 抛弃这里算算看都差不多几个月料 xD
埋不是因为懒惰  。囧

星期日那天去了霹雳 ,金宝 。
那边热, 晒死人
回来KL又下雨 =,='''
他们的宿舍好像家将的 `
唯一一间最靠近的豪华酒店 xD

老爸不懂没有去买 coupon 被中 saman >.<'''
第一次去罢了 jekk , 又不懂要买 coupon =,=

下午 check out 后就告别姐姐去 ipoh 买东西 =目
爸爸尽然自己迷路找不到车 =,=
我和妈妈一下子就找到了 ...
只有一个理由 ,
那就是他老了 , 糊涂料 xD

KL比较热闹 ,有很多百货公司 xD
不像那边 ,只有 Tesco =X

姐姐 , 读书加油 ♥
我们会想念你的 ` xD



hey my girls and boys ,
imma such as long time aready din't updates blog ...
not becauese im busy , is just because of lazy
today ii was plying volley ball in school with my dear friend (:
ii will try my best to know it how to ply
sharon cham , come , we go it every wednesday :D !
but ii hate a person who was the cockiness character in my heart !
you that person which  just talking something also very cockiness !
always call people do this do that , if people call you do , dont know you will do anot also ! =.='''
exam ? result were out adyy
but dunnoe ii got what nombor in class @@
holiday also coming soon , ii wanted hang out with my dear gang !

Holiday,wait me soon ! xD


imma was lazy to write blog @@

imma was less writing blog ady ,
why ?!
just bcuz of lazyy modd
chinese new year was coming soon ,
howw uu all celebrate it ?
ii'm damn exciting now xD !

but , intervensi1 was coming soon too ):
haven start study
2 week moree onlyy !
so , ii wanna be hardworking form now !

Wait my BACK soon =D


homework ):

omg @@
that school HOMEWORK make me busyy this few days ><
im a AJK kebersihan noww ,
nehh , that clever ahh ant , choose me =.= !
ii scare morning school ><
all teacher macam veli garang
wanna pay attention in class everydayy @@

ii miss uu adyy ):
if that naughtyy ahh kik also movee jorr , the gang should will be silent T^T
ii lovee uu two so muchh , so will miss uu two everyday ><


ii lovee countdownn ♥

yesterdayy me and my lovely family went to KLCC countdownn

nicee borr ?
that is 喷水池

when we arrive there , is 10:34 pm
many people wait at there adyy
so , we also find place to sit and wait 
many people , right ? @@

see that clock , is 11:11 pm @@
gam today gehh date 1-1-11
4 one

take photo at there
mum and dad here (:

me and my sister here @@

memang banyak orang , all so highh at there =D

 that KLCC

and noww was 11:59 pm
one minute moree T^T
all at there jerit sini jerit situ xD
that minute me so gan jiong xDD!!

that fire work video ii will upload tomorrow (:
just wait !

the light at there
manyy people wana walk away now
fire work finishh T^T
so , 2011 year is noww ):

betul ramai orang @@

when the fire work finishh , is 12:18 adyy
6 minutes moree that fire work put

 nicee , right ?
the tree ^^

see , funny right xD
omg @@ traffic jam there when we back

when 1:00 am we sahaja back home ; zzZ
but nvm , me damn happy today
and damn happy can enjoy in 2010 YEAR (:
ii lovee 2010 & countdownn
muackx ♥

ii has HP noww (: