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last sunday until today d blog

last sunday
at inght ‵‵‵
the bread is expired date aready d
and the bread hv manii haven eat yet
but mum call mii trow it
so waste ><

today puan ch'ing cum to maii class to choose the pengawas
mun mun hv do
then puan ch'ing call maii name
mii say to she mii dun wan do
but she call mii go back think first

tuesday today mii go to find puan ch'ing
and say to she mii dun wan do pengawas
then she ask yan mei and cheng man hu wan to do
they faster go away and say dunwan =D

today sc class teacher giv the sc examination paper 2
mii d sc paper 1 + sc paper 2 = 70% =)
hapii ing

today sivik time ,
maii class discuss wanna sells wat on the v skuul d carnival
v class d all chines sells the banana ship
dun no y cannot do ply game d
then teacher say hv a game wanna untung the money banyak d
the game is ghost house ---
v class all so hapii say wanna do the ghost house
mii also hapii mii wan do the ghost =)
kakax ..
then mii and yan mei + cheng man discuss how to do the ghost to frighten people
a few minutes later
teacher cum back to class she say cannot do the ghost house T_T
bcoz skuul before hv class do the ghost house
then hv a gal giv the realy ghost in her body
so scary ~
then v class sells drink lol
yan mei giv teacher choose to do the pengawas
bcoz mii no do the pengawas
but yan mei dun wan do
she try lol
after skuul mii and family went to grandmother house
v walk the new road (DUKE)
dunno how to walk
then call chris uncle cum to take v go
maii aunt so rich lu
she went to dunno where ply
then buy many shirt to mii and sis
one shirt is 100 ++ lebih ...
expensive jor
thk yaa =)
10:00 v go to maii cousin d house
lik his house bcoz so pretty + big =)

todat d blog - sunday
today mun mun they go to competition the cholor speaking
good luck yaa =)
today mii think wan to do pengawas anot
and mii wan to do
but dunno hv chance anot ... ><



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