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day of maii skuul d karnival

today is maii skuul d karnival day
mii say wrong aready
the karnival is at maii skuul inside
father mother and other peopel can not in d =D
solii yaa mum and dad
maii class sells the -
- ice-cream cup
- ice-cream fload
- mixing water
- agar-agar
and other d mii forget jor ...
the ice-cream cup hv put the small umbrella on the ice-cream
so kawaii =)
mii and maii babe work to 10:30
then v went to the ghost house ply lur
manii pupil lur
from 4 sc 1 line-up to 4 accaunt
then v wait lur
wait jor 30minites ++
manii pupil potong tempat >< !!!
then v went in the ghost house
v so scary
is very dark
then mii and maii babe stand they dun wan walk
stay at the door onlii
then 1 pupil that command v how to walk d terus call v walk
v walk jor lur
but v terus hold the hand together
a few minutes v cum out jor lur
i think not very scare la
dark then hv the pupil wear the ghost d mask
but seet li they cum out from the ghost house so scary
then after the karnival
hv a big rain coming
mi wan find maii sis
but dun no where is she
mii d body wet jor lur ==''
so tired now ...
bye bye =)



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