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lilyy's open house

emm ...
at sunday mii went to lilyy's open house
tuiton jor then go lorh
lilyy's new house so nice o
mii ping mei and lilyy went to plyground take photo lorh
the grass manii water
bcoz yesterday is raining
then walk slowly lorrh
a few minutes later
lilyy say wanna go back
bcoz she wanna bath == '''
so fast went back d
then v went to shopping first
take photo again
take v d shadow at the mirrow xD
after that go back lilyy d new house lorrh
went to her bedroom
outside so manii lilyy d cousin + parents
then lilyy and her sis d frenz stay in thier bedroom ply lorrh
after a few minutes later
man cum aready
mii and lilyy go down to take man cum up lorrh
bcoz all so lazy dun wan go down
later lee ann also cum aready
wahh she wear very sexy leh
then went to take photo at her bedroom + toilet
her toilet d mirrow so big oo
night aready
then go down eat
mun mun saja cum
eat finish aready then go to take photo at garden again
also hv go up then take photo in her besroom again
v terus take photo
mum ten a'clock cum
sis think the down door no nit use card d
then terus lik sho po d pull the door =='''
so tired + hapii for that day =)



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